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Biome Pin Series #2 - Intertidal Zone
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$ 6.00


  • Designed by Natelle, the second set in our biome series, showcasing the wonderful fauna occurring in major habitats of our world. NOTE: Available as a complete set of three (limited quantities!!), or get them individually, just use the drop-down menu above to choose!
  • This set highlights three animals found in intertidal zone areas:
    • the roseate spoonbill, a wading bird with beautiful pink plumage, sporting a spoon-shaped bill that is well-adapted for sifting. This pin is 1.4" (35.56mm) wide.
    • the humble oyster, a bivalve that plays important roles in their ecosystem, including nutrient cycling, water filtration, and habitat structure. This pin is mighty but tiny, at a mere 0.65" (16.51mm) wide.
    • the blenny, of which there are hundreds of species, inhabiting freshwater and brackish environments. This particular blenny is modeled after the Tasmanian blenny. The pin is 0.75" (19.05mm) wide.
  • All pins are hard enamel with shiny gold metal finish, double pin posts with rubber clutch backs.


  • Shipped wrapped in a kraft paper bag, in a bubble mailer. Our kraft paper bags can be recycled at cardboard/paper stations and our bubble mailers can be recycled at grocery stores that have plastic bag recycling stations!

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