Gold Locking Pin Backs - Four Pack

$ 3.00


  • Gold tone locking pin backs, designed to hold enamel pins more securely than butterfly clutches or rubber caps. Comes as a pack of FOUR!
    • To put on: Push locking back on to pin firmly.
    • To release: Hold your pin while pulling the spring-loaded trigger part of the locking back, up and off the pin. DO NOT force the locking back by just pulling it off your pin
    • Removing locking backs can take a bit of practice, check out this Youtube video to see it in action! We are not responsible for for lost of pins due to improper use of locking pin backs, so please practice a couple of times before taking them for a spin!


  • Shipped wrapped in a kraft paper bag, in a bubble mailer. Our kraft paper bags can be recycled at cardboard/paper stations and our bubble mailers can be recycled at grocery stores that have plastic bag recycling stations!

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