Manatee Socks
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$ 13.00


  • Designed by Natelle, featuring our shop's manatee mascot, Millie, beach-combing for seashells!
  • Crew-length knitted socks, sky blue body with purple toe, heel, and cuff highlights. Knitted in a repeating pattern!
  • Composition: 80% combed cotton, 17% nylon, 3% elastane
  • One size fits most; approx. Women's US 6-10, up to Men's 11
    • James (in the black-'n-white checkered shoes with leg tattoo) usually wears US Mens 9-10 depending on brand of shoes
    • The photo showing two models next to a balcony railing are @kearena and @mattkujo, who wear Womens US 6 and Mens US 9, respectively.
  • Final six images photographed by Schyler Anderson


  • Shipped wrapped in a cellophane sleeve, in a poly mailer

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